The park was open — and then it wasn’t. Presumably.

The park was open — and then it wasn’t. Presumably.

At the end of the film that bears its name, Jurassic World itself was in pretty good condition, all things considered. Main Street took a bit of a beating, but the park was nowhere near as devastated as one might assume, given what transpired there.

When the credits rolled, many fans — myself, through nothing but hope, excluded — assumed that the park was closed. Indeed, the the title of the track that plays over said credits — The Park Is Closed — suggests as much, but might that title be just that: a title? Giacchino is known for his creative monikers, and with Jurassic World‘s tagline having been The Park Is Open, there’s a certain poetic beauty to The Park Is Closed. Beauty, but perhaps nothing more…

As the start of filming for J.A. Bayona‘s sequel nears, speculation on what said sequel might entail is rampant. Jurassic Outpost, in particular, published an excellent piece, pulling together a potentially great premise from the various breadcrumbs of information we’ve been treated to so far. Today, however, we might have gotten our biggest clue yet — today, Bayona posted the following to Twitter:

Hardhats. More specifically, the style of hardhat worn by some members of the park’s staff in Jurassic World. Of course, this may mean nothing — but, then again, it may mean something. And the possibilities of that something could be very interesting indeed.

The hats don’t appear to be in perfect condition. They’re scuffed, grimy. At first glance, this led me to think that they were probably relics from the park, left behind during the evacuation. At second glance, however, I began to wonder if this might be a hint that the sequel will see Jurassic World rebuilt, or, more accurately, repaired.

In its article, Jurassic Outpost speculates that the sequel will see an attempt to rescue the various dinosaurs left behind on Isla Nublar in the face of the island’s destruction, manmade or otherwise. When I read their theory, I loved it — I thought they were onto something. Now, however, the seeds of doubt have been planted.

Much of the current speculation about the film is based on the registration of the URLs, and It’s that second one that really piques my interest. The issue of animal rights has been largely absent from the Jurassic franchise; it seems only logical that will come up sooner or later, though, and the reconstruction of Jurassic World — which might otherwise be described as the re-imprisonment of its creatures — seems, to me, like a perfect catalyst.

Certainly, it would be relevant to the world as it is today, too — Jurassic World was intended to be a commentary on gross commercialisation, so perhaps its sequel will tackle the very real issues with zoos and the like. Might not, in fact, the seeds of this have already been planted in World? Might not the apparent smallness of the both the Rex and the Indominus’s paddocks have been deliberate?

Admittedly, much of this comes from a place of pure selfishness. Despite its inherent dangers, I want to see the park rebuilt. ‘Love’ is a thoroughly inadequate word to describe my feelings towards Jurassic Park, and though I borderline hated the film that featured it, I want Jurassic World to succeed just as much.

I think it can, and its reopening could lead to some compelling plot twists, too. It’s unlikely Owen and Claire would simply go back to their old lives, and could, with the park potentially under new management, find themselves on the other side of the electric fence this time. Who knows?

At the end of the day, though, this is all pure speculation with a hearty dose of wishful thinking thrown in for good measure. Will Jurassic World reopen? Will any of the above come to pass? We’ll have to wait until 2018 to find out — but, given how quickly time has seemed to pass since the credits rolled on Jurassic World, that’s really not too long at all.

For the attention of video game developers everywhere...

2011. Yes, you read that right: 2011. That’s the last time there was a Jurassic game of any real significance. Whilst an enjoyable treat, LEGO Jurassic World wasn’t at all what the majority of fans have been waiting for, and with the commercial success of Jurassic World, it should have been but an appetiser for bigger, better things to come. Well… fire the waiter, and send some raptors into the kitchen to see what’s up, because we’re still waiting for the main course.
Jurassic is a franchise that lends itself to any number of genres, and there’s certainly no shortage of ideas for possible games. It really is about time one came along. Yes, there are rights involved, deals to be made and permissions to be gotten, but, let’s be honest: it’s going to happen.
Life will find a way, and someone will make one. Why not you?



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