It’s looking more and more likely that the next instalment of the Jurassic franchise will be called Jurassic World: Epoch, which is a surprisingly great title.

Hold onto your butts! It’s looking increasingly likely that the title for 2018’s sequel to Jurassic World — currently filming under the working title Ancient Futures — will be Jurassic World: Epoch!

The first hint that this might be the case came in mid-November last year, when Jurassic Outpost member @ryanJPshu stumbled upon a dead-end link labelled as such on the currently nebulous (I include the ‘/home’ because, for reasons known only to the people behind it, navigating to the official Jurassic World site redirects browsers to a Tumblr page in some parts of the world).

What the 'poch...?
An epoch is a period of time in history, or — most interestingly when taken in the context of Jurassic — the beginning of a period in the history of someone or something.

In the time since that initial hint, the Jurassic community has discussed, dissected and speculated on the many potential explanations for that link. Reaction to the possibility that the upcoming film could be titled Jurassic World: Epoch — or a variation thereof — though, has been decidedly mixed.

For my part, I love it —

— which is why I was delighted to find, when I glanced at my Twitter feed before heading off to work this morning, that another indication of Epoch being the title had surfaced, and, this time, a pretty significant one.

Twitter user @matthewjn stumbled upon the following on Universal Pictures’ official site:

Whilst the text has since been reverted to Jurassic World Sequel, this is incredibly significant. Unless Epoch turns out to be a placeholder — which is, of course, perfectly possible — I reckon this all but confirms the title, and I couldn’t be happier. Because…


Though we still, as yet, have no official confirmation of the film’s plot, the common assumption is that Jurassic World 2 will see the dawn of a new era for Nublar’s dinosaurs, whether they continue to be confined to a park or not.

As mentioned above, one definition of Epoch is ‘the beginning of a period in the history of someone or something.’ So it fits — perfectly. There’s really not much more to say on this point, but it does feed nicely into my next…


There’s been some speculation that Epoch will prove to be part of a larger title, à la The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Suggestions include monikers along the lines of The Next Epoch: Jurassic World, or The New Epoch, and so on and so forth. By no means do I mean this as an affront to those favouring titles such as these, but, honestly, I detest them. They sound corny, trite; they’re just too much.

I love the simplicity of Jurassic World: Epoch alone, the minimalism. In my mind’s eye, I can see a title sequence already: Jurassic World appears on a black screen (proper font, not that weird, retro-Hollywood-style one used for Jurassic World), before fading away to allow Epoch to emerge in its wake — nothing fancy here, though. Simple, white lettering. Helvetica, perhaps, or something along those lines.

Additionally, I like the fact that Epoch, as a word, is relatively obscure. There’s some debate about this, that it’s too obscure to be used in a title, but I really don’t agree. Epoch sounds interesting, intelligent, and potentially educational; if people have to think about what it means, or go look it up, so be it. Let them learn something.

Obviously, there’s no confirmation that Epoch is the title just yet — but if it isn’t used and, somewhere down the line, we learn that it almost was, but was replaced to give the title a broader appeal, to, essentially, dumb it down, I’ll be disgusted.

I hasten to add, though, that I’m not saying the film has to be called Epoch — that would be incredibly arrogant. I’m simply saying that I like it — as others like their own preferences — and that I hope it sticks around.


The word ‘Epoch’ wasn’t the only thing @ryanJPshu saw on the day this rumour first surfaced. Alongside the text — or, more specifically, beneath it — was an image of a volcano.

This, too, is significant. If Epoch proves to be accurate, then it stands to reason that a volcano will come into play, too. We already know there’s one on Nublar — Mount Sibo — and, back in January, Jurassic Outpost posted an excellent article speculating on how it might come into play in the sequel.

Out of all the thoughts on what the plot of the film could be, this one got me most excited. Though the destruction of Nublar would be heartbreaking, an impending volcanic eruption would give the story some serious stakes, and a massive sense of urgency, with the eventual eruption itself opening the door for some spectacular visuals.

Such an event would also allow for a nice, if subtle, throwback to The Lost World, in which Hammond mentions Hurricane Clarissa’s destruction of the facilities on Isla Sorna as having been an act of God. Surely Jurassic World being buried beneath volcanic ash would fit that category, too. God, the visual possibilities of such a story really are incredibly exciting — and with Bayona at the helm, too… I’m getting more excited than I want to be again.

Whatever the case ends up being, we’ll know soon enough. I hope. There have been certain things, small things — impact tremors, if you will — that point to something being just over the horizon. Whether said horizon is just a few miles away, or a hundred, however, remains to be seen.

As I’m sure you can guess, I’m hoping for the former.

For the attention of video game developers everywhere...

2011. Yes, you read that right: 2011. That’s the last time there was a Jurassic game of any real significance. Whilst an enjoyable treat, LEGO Jurassic World wasn’t at all what the majority of fans have been waiting for, and with the commercial success of Jurassic World, it should have been but an appetiser for bigger, better things to come. Well… fire the waiter, and send some raptors into the kitchen to see what’s up, because we’re still waiting for the main course.
Jurassic is a franchise that lends itself to any number of genres, and there’s certainly no shortage of ideas for possible games. It really is about time one came along. Yes, there are rights involved, deals to be made and permissions to be gotten, but, let’s be honest: it’s going to happen.
Life will find a way, and someone will make one. Why not you?



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