Three years and four rebrands after the launch of JHNBLOG, it’s time for a new beginning.

In the dying days of 2013, with the current generation of consoles having just begun and my enthusiasm for the PlayStation 4 still fresh and new, I decided that I’d like to have somewhere other than my personal Facebook page to post my ramblings about games. On December 15, I took to Tumblr and set up the woefully-named JHNBLOG.

The long version...
Quite a bit happened between the end of that last paragraph and the start of the next. Having done so at the launch of each and every rebrand of my former site, though, I’m sick of telling the story. If you’d like to hear — or, more appropriately, read — it, however, I’ve pieced together bits and pieces of my various trips down memory lane here.

Today, with 2016 growing a little senile, if not quite nearing its end — though I think most of us would, for various reasons, agree that it needs to get a move on — and my enthusiasm for the PlayStation 4 having been dealt a few blows, but still very much intact, I’m launching my latest online venture.


I feel better about The JHN Files than I did about any of my previous sites — not only because I think it has a vastly better name than its predecessors, but because I took my time with it.

Though individual in terms of name and design, each of the previous sites felt, to me, like the same thing. The transitions between each of them were rushed, haphazard. Baggage — as well as a penchant for incomprehensible monikers — was carried over from previous versions.

There’s much less baggage here. With just over four months having passed since I abandoned the fifth of six, JHNMCHLTNR, The JHN Files feels like a fresh start. It inherits many of the posts that appeared on those previous sites — a few more of which will appear as time goes on and I get around to rewriting them — but they have, all of them, been refreshed; titles reworded, images rebranded, text (in some cases) rewritten.

Various sections of the site may, now, appear somewhat barren, but The JHN Files is designed to fill up, and fill up it will. The first actual, non self-congratulatory post will go up later today — helping the Jurassic Park section become that little bit less barren — and there are a few other things scheduled for the coming days and weeks, too.

In the meantime, though, feel free to have a look around. If you’ll permit me a moment of sickening corniness, this is just the beginning — the beginning of a road that will, I hope, prove significantly longer than the one that led here.

So, without further ado, let’s start down it.



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