Another piece of the puzzle...


Since the very beginning, since it was nothing more than a URL and a temporary Twitter account hastily set-up out of fear that someone might snap up the username before I could get to it, The JHN Files was never intended to be just a site filled with articles. It was conceived with aspirations — some might say delusions… — of being something more.

Channel 2 is another piece of the puzzle.

I’ve made no secret of my desire to bring a podcast to the The JHN Files — problem was, I could never quite decide how to approach it. As I’ve mentioned before, I think podcasts tend to work best when they’re conversational: two or more people sitting down and talking about things they like, things they don’t, and whatever else happens to cross their minds along the way. At the moment, however, that’s not really an option here — not a sustainable one, anyway.

So, instead, Channel 2 will start life as simple audio versions of the site’s articles, available through YouTube, SoundCloud and — hopefully… — iTunes, for those who’d rather listen than read, and who can, of course, endure the aural horror that is the Northern Irish accent.

However, while the majority of each instalment will come directly from article on which it’s based, I think verbatim readings would be somewhat lifeless. So, to make things smoother — and more listener-friendly — Channel 2 will feature introductions, outros, and maybe even a few thoughts that might not have occurred to me while writing the source material.

As for when each instalment will be available… in an ideal world, the Channel 2 version of an article would go up alongside the article itself, but that’s simply not going to happen 100% of the time. In fact, in most cases, I’ll finish an article, publish it, and then get to work on the audio version shortly afterwards — but, in some, there might not be a Channel 2 version for quite a while, if at all.

I hope there will be, but I know myself too well to guarantee it. I’m far from being the most confident or articulate person behind the microphone, and there will absolutely be times when it gets the better of me. Like I said, though, I hope to keep such situations to a minimum, and I’d like to think I’ll go back and record any posts I skip when I get back in the proverbial saddle.

As I said above, Channel 2 is another piece of The JHN Files’ puzzle, a way of broadening its scope; it exists to compliment the site, and isn’t intended to be a replacement for it, or competition. For the most part, this is uncharted territory for me, and — as cheesy as the sentiment may be — I hope you enjoy listening to Channel 2 as much as I’ll enjoy making it.

Oh, and the title? Surprising absolutely no one in any way familiar with my ramblings, Channel 2 is a reference to Jurassic Park — or, more specifically, a scene towards the end of the film in which Dr. Sattler sets her radio to the titular channel before heading out to restore the park’s power. I like it quite a bit — not only because it references Jurassic, but because, if you consider the written articles to be the primary channel, it fits; and because it also, as those familiar with the scene from which it stems will no doubt be aware, provides the perfect sign-off:

Until next time, I’m on Channel 2.



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