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I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, but it seems appropriate, here, to do so again: I have a very clear memory of the day, a month or so after the release of the first film, that Jurassic World 2 was officially announced. I was, as is so often the case, sitting at my desk, flicking through Twitter, when…

June 22, 2018 — just shy of three years from the date of the announcement.

Not an insignificant stretch of time at all, but — as I stared at the image — I had the strangest feeling that it wasn’t going to be a big deal, that the time would fly in, as is so often said. Three weeks later, that feeling was bolstered when it was revealed that the film would debut in the U.K. over a fortnight ahead of its U.S. release. (As atrocious now as it was then, I hasten to add. Fingers crossed there’s no such bullshit with the next film, whatever the logic behind it…)

And here we are. June 2018.

Contrary to the above-linked announcement, Fallen Kingdom will be released on the sixth here in the U.K. Given that I’ll be sitting down to watch it mere minutes into said sixth, that basically means it’s out tomorrow night (!).

For the most part, the time really has flown in… or, at least, it had — right up until a certain development at the end of March. Since then, it’s slowed to an excruciating crawl…

You see, on the penultimate day of March, as fans across the globe digested their most substantial look at Jurassic World Evolution yet, it was announced (spectacularly out of the proverbial blue) that Colin Trevorrow will return to direct Jurassic World 3. I don’t expect anyone but myself to have noticed, but I haven’t written a single word since sharing my thoughts on Evolution’s gameplay — and that, folks, is the reason why. I tried (the skeleton of an article titled Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss remains in my drafts…), but it just wasn’t happening.

No matter how I worded it, the post read like a hit piece on Trevorrow — and as truly, deeply disappointed as I was by what he brought to the screen with Jurassic World, that didn’t sit right with me. In fact, it led me to question just what the hell I’m doing with this site — who am I to sit at my keyboard and pick apart the work of those actually daring to create? — which, as mentioned above, led to that two-month silence… and to my not posting anything about Fallen Kingdom’s third, and final, trailer. Arriving shortly after the news about Trevorrow, that trailer put the final nail in my excitement’s coffin — and, ironically, made time feel like it had ground to a halt. It was as though I’d been coasting along on a wave of enthusiasm…

… but no longer.

I wish it was down to my general mood at the time, but well over a month on — and with a mood much-improved — that trailer still doesn’t do much for me. It gets off to a bad start (yet another example of atrocious, juvenile comedy shattering the effect of an otherwise tense moment), and, despite some promising scenes and tremendous visuals, never quite recovers.

It left me cold, and, as I mentioned, less excited for the film than ever — but I’d be lying if I said some excitement hasn’t been creeping back in.

These last, endless-feeling few weeks have brought a slew of new looks at the film, improved visuals, tantalising interviews, early reactions, wonderful soundtrack snippets — though actual previews remain painfully, painfully absent… — and a tracklist for said soundtrack that, despite containing some truly horrifying puns, manages to raise quite a few interesting questions, too. Problem is, I can’t talk about any of it without approaching spoiler territory — so this is where I’ll wrap this one up.

As the final hours before the kingdom falls tick by, I can’t help but feel some of that old excitement — but I also can’t help but worry, too, get ‘fairly alarmed here,’ as a certain chaotician might say, what little excitement I do feel tempered by some of the less-than-positive aspects of what we’ve seen. Will atrocious comedy ruin what might otherwise have been the best parts of the film? Will there be a solid reason, other than the thoroughly worn-out excuses of money/military purposes, for the creation of the Indoraptor? Will anyone wonder how much an island weighs this time?

On an almost hourly basis, my worries bubble over and I get nervous again, but then, like clockwork, the excitement creeps back. At the moment, I really couldn’t tell you what I feel. I know one thing for certain, though: I’m ready.

One day to go.



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