There isn’t much of one. Yet.

The story so far… well, to be perfectly honest, there isn’t much of one — yet. I’d intended to play Unity religiously after its release, and to post my review today, exactly a year since I uploaded my thoughts on its predecessor, Black Flag.

Unfortunately, though — as virtually everyone knows — Unity’s release was plagued with problems.


Were this a video, the above image would be accompanied by a blood-curdling scream…

While I do consider most of its issues to be standard Assassin’s Creed fare, and therefore not too difficult to deal with, I’ve ultimately decided to hold off on playing the game until Ubisoft have had a chance to polish it up a little. From the relatively small amount I have played through — my current position in the game is just after the assassination of Sivert in Notre Dame — Unity seems as though it has the potential to be the best Assassin’s Creed game in years.

It’s undeniable that their track record isn’t great, but I’m willing to give Ubisoft the benefit of the doubt here, willing to give them the time they need to deliver an experience closer to the one they’d intended.

I can, however, provide some initial observations.

The good? I think I’m going to like Arno — he seems like a cool guy. I love the traversal mechanics, and cannot wait for them to feel a little smoother. Whilst admittedly a little daunting, I’m looking forward to delving into the myriad customisation options — and the game is, without question, incredibly easy on the eyes. Thanks to the hints of Ezio’s Family woven into the soundtrack, it’s incredibly easy on the ears, too.

I must admit, though, while I am delighted to hear those hints of Jesper Kyd’s score, I’m also a little confused as to what they’re doing in Unity. Is there some connection to Ezio I’ve yet to discover, or are the developers trying to make Unity seem better than it is by triggering the nostalgia of some of its players? I have my fingers crossed for the former.

The bad? Well, everyone knows about Unity’s problems. They’ve been discussed ad nauseam. I’m looking forward to the game running more smoothly, and I seriously hope this brings a feeling of greater control to Arno, because at times, when trying to operate in enclosed spaces, I’ve found things to be a little clumsy. I also don’t understand the removal of the ability to whilst whilst hiding. At all. Having to drop a cherry bomb to draw an adversary to your hiding spot seems a little… extreme. And more than a little conspicuous.

Then again, with some of the clothing options available to Arno, I doubt he’s too worried about being conspicuous…


I’m genuinely looking forward to getting stuck back into Unity once it’s been subjected to a patch or two — or several… — but, until then, I’m heading back to the wilds of Kyrat.

See you on the other side.


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