After Unity, I swore off playing future Assassin’s Creed entries. There were, however, caveats.

Last summer, I gritted my teeth and set about finally getting Assassin’s Creed Unity off my plate. It was a task I wanted to succeed in, but which I found the prospect of actually doing profoundly unappealing.

Nevertheless, set about it I did, and after many, many hours — some of which spent staring dully in the direction of the TV, wondering just what the hell I was doing with my life — I emerged victorious. I achieved 100%, got the Platinum Trophy, completed the DLC, and swore off playing the next entry in the series, Syndicate.

In doing so, I swore off future entries in the series, too. There were, however, caveats.

The first was that I wouldn’t take my Assassin robes out of retirement until Ubisoft does something phenomenal with the series. I still think it can. The potential is definitely there, but whether it will remains to be seen. The second of my caveats, however, was that I would return if they took the series to a certain location.


And what do you know?

Last week, Kotaku reported that the next big Assassin’s Creed release might just be set in the Land of the Pharaohs. Writer Jason Schreier stated that he’d heard from three different people in 2015 that this was the case. On the day of his article’s publication, two further sources reached out to corroborate the information.

Another possible setting for the game is mentioned as being ancient Rome, which would certainly line up with its apparent codename: Empire.

Whilst running around ancient Rome sounds very, very cool, I’d be lying if I said that I don’t have my fingers crossed for Egypt. One of my biggest issues with Assassin’s Creed Unity was how dreary I found the setting. As well-realised as it was, and despite moments of undeniable beauty, I found Unity’s Paris to be depressingly bleak. The sun-soaked architecture of Egypt — golden by day, shades of blue by night — could be the perfect antidote to this. Not only that, but ancient Egypt is by far my favourite historical period. Bar none. I adore it, and the ability to explore it at will with Assassin’s Creed’s trademark parkour would be something of a dream come true.

If the setting wasn’t exciting enough, three of the aforementioned sources stated that the game won’t be released until 2017. This would mean the first year off for Assassin’s Creed — as far as the main games are concerned — since 2009. This can only be a good thing. If a longer development cycle means that we get an Egypt-set Assassin’s Creed free of the series’ trademark issues, then I’m perfectly fine with it.

As far as I’m concerned, they can take as long as they need.


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