The sound of a sequel. Live from Abbey Road.

UPDATE (March 15, 2018)
But wait… there’s more!
Taking to Twitter just a day after Bayona’s excellent teaser, Michael Giacchino has given us a second preview of what we’ll be hearing come June.

Those who pay attention to such things will immediately recognise the bulk of the tease as being identical to the track that played as Zach and Gray stumbled upon a certain set of ruins in Jurassic World — which, beautiful though it is, is, honestly, slightly disappointing.
I don’t want to seem ungrateful (I’m thrilled Williams’s work is being reprised again), but I much prefer it when things are shaken up a little — a new note here or there, or maybe something in the background; yesterday’s additions to As the Jurassic World Turns are a prime example, bringing an exhilarating freshness to the familiar.
Still, familiar or not, it’s always great to hear that classic theme again. As I’ve said before, I hope Fallen Kingdom packs a good deal more of Giacchino’s takes on Williams’s work than its predecessor did — if this is truly the end of Isla Nublar, then it deserves to be sent off in thoroughly nostalgic style.
With some shaking up, of course.
Keep ’em comin’.
UPDATE #2 (March 16, 2018)
Another day, another tease!

As much as I’ve enjoyed doing so, it would become ridiculous to keep making updates to this post each time something new comes along, so this is (probably…) going to be the last one — which is a shame, because it is, unfortunately, going to end things on a bit of a downer.
You see, one of the things I disliked most about Jurassic World’s soundtrack was how on-the-nose the military music was, how cheesy. It well and truly elevated the existing corniness of what was being shown on-screen — and the latest tease of Fallen Kingdom’s score seems set to do the same.
If Bayona’s accompanying Tweet is to be taken literally, then this is the music that’ll close out the film. It’s not hard to imagine, given what’s been said about Fallen Kingdom setting up 2021’s Jurassic World 3, that it’ll accompany some sort of cliffhanger-type moment, perhaps a hint of a new threat, or the revelation that an old one isn’t completely taken care of — and, like Jurassic World’s military stuff, it’s way too on the nose.
Nefarious Villain Music 101.
I can’t tell you how much I hope I’m jumping the gun, that the context of hearing the full score alongside the film will change my mind, but I also can’t shake the tendrils of worry that are starting to creep up on me. I need want Fallen Kingdom to be great, to be — for me — the antidote to Jurassic World… but things are starting to feel uncomfortably familiar.
It’s not all bad, though! As much as I dislike the ‘big, loud, Nefarious Villain Music 101’ motif that is the star of this particular show, the rest of the tease is pretty damn good, distinctly channelling the music of Jurassic ParkThe Lost World, and, dare I say it, Jurassic Park III.
Even if that big, loud motif feels, to me, as far away from Jurassic as you can get, it’s nice to know that at least some of that DNA is still there.
Is it June yet?


Instrumental soundtracks are my jam.

As I’m pretty sure I’ve said before, I love them infinitely more than that stuff some might refer to as ‘real’ music. And when it comes to Jurassic, I care just as much about the music as I do the films themselves. It should come as no surprise, then, that some of the highlights of the lead-up to Jurassic World were, for me, the various teases Colin Trevorrow and Michael Giacchino shared during April 2015, as the first Jurassic film in more than a decade got its score.

Unfortunately, when I finally heard it in full, I found Jurassic World’s soundtrack to be a mixed bag. The highs (Giacchino’s various themes for the park itself) were wonderful, but the lows (the military stuff, the underwhelming use of John Williams’s classic theme, and so on…) were incredibly disappointing.

As much as I consider his work on Jurassic World to have been something of a misstep, however, Giacchino remains one of my favourite composers. When he delivers, he… well, he knocks it out of the park… which is why I got incredibly excited when, on Monday, he took to social media to announce that the recording process for Fallen Kingdom had begun.

Naturally, pretty much every Jurassic fan out there immediately crossed their fingers, toes (and all other applicable extremities…) that Giacchino’s visual tease would soon be followed by an audio one — and, this morning, it finally happened. Taking to Twitter, Fallen Kingdom’s director, J.A. Bayona, shared just over a minute of pure aural magic.

Not only are we serenaded with a beautiful evolution of Giacchino’s As the Jurassic World Turns (fingers crossed the various embellishments are as clear in the final mix…) but the tease ends with tantalising confirmation that at least one of John Williams’s iconic themes will, once again, be reprised.

And so the speculation begins — where will this particular piece fit into Fallen Kingdom?

My mind — as I’m sure a great many others did, too — immediately went to a scene we’ve seen in both trailers, in which a massive brachiosaur makes its way across Jurassic World’s dilapidated Main Street (the opening notes of that classic theme kicking in, perhaps, just as a series of impact tremors herald its arrival…?).

I’m not completely sold on the idea, though: I’d expect something more sombre to play as we arrive at Isla Nublar’s latest collection of ruins — but it’s hard to imagine, given what we (think we…) know of Fallen Kingdom, where else such an upbeat theme might fit.

Is it possible that baby Blue’s appearance isn’t the only flashback sequence we’ll be treated to…?

Only time will tell.

June cometh — and I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that it cometh quickly.



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