Colin Moriarty & Greg Miller Leave IGN

I'll be forever grateful to Colin and Greg for the inspiration to get started down this path.


I’m not a particularly happy person. In early 2011, a seriously unexpected turn of events took place, promptly sending my life off a proverbial cliff, and putting a definitive end to my feeling like a (somewhat…) normal person. I dropped out of college, lost almost all interest in things I’d been working on — which, to this day, linger in various stages of completion when they should be long, long finished — and fell into a downward spiral left me with lingering doubts about whether life is worth living at all.

I didn’t feel as though I — or the world around me, for that matter — was real, and found it near impossible to relax. The scars of that one are still hanging around — I honestly don’t think I’ve been truly relaxed in years. Thankfully, though, I’m pretty sure reality is a thing.

To help me take my mind off things, to help me get through the many, many sleepless nights, I re-immersed myself in my then-favourite games. Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider, Uncharted…

Naturally, spending more time than usual with these games meant that I ended up spending a lot more time on the websites that covered them. In those earliest of days, I had no particular preference about where I got my news, but, as time went on, I began to favour some sites over others. As 2013 began to draw to a close, I found myself spending more and more time on IGN. I’d become slightly obsessed with watching Greg Miller and co. play Grand Theft Auto V.

I can, in fact, pinpoint the exact moment my obsession began: when, as his character fell spectacularly down a mountain, Greg burst into a splendidly ridiculous vocal rendition of the Jurassic Park fanfare.

In the days that followed, I looked up Greg’s YouTube channel — unrecognisable, now, from what it was then — and started watching his stuff. Eventually, I happened upon A Conversation with Colin, and that was that. I was hooked. Greg’s hilarity and Colin’s intellectualism really appealed to both, often conflicting, sides of my personality.

Much to my enduring shame, I hadn’t known there were people like that in the gaming industry. I looked up to them — they were people I wanted to be like.

Eventually, I decided to start putting my own stuff out there.

My thoughts on Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag are the result of that thinking. And the rest is history. Very recent history, but history all the same.

I’ve kept up with Colin and Greg’s YouTube content, and their works on IGN, in the time since, and while I was initially nervous about the direction the channel was headed in when The GameOverGreggy Show took off and the eventual Kinda Funny rebrand came along, I’ve learned to love the new. I can’t recommend enough that you go and listen to some of their stories.

As I indicated above, their inspiration was one of the factors that led to me wanting to get more involved in the world of games, which, in turn, led — eventually… — to this site. And without this site, I’d probably still be festering in the pits of despair with only unfinished projects to show for it. Instead, I’m starting to enjoy myself again. I feel a lot more productive than I did. I’ve discovered a excellent community of people through Twitter, and have a few that — despite never having met face-to-face — I now consider friends.

Things are only set to continue in the coming year, and I’ll always be grateful to Colin and Greg for the inspiration to get started down this path. I can’t wait to see where they — along with Nick and Tim, too — take Kinda Funny. I intend to be there for each and every step of it.



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